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Does DBT change lives?

Posted by Fighting4Life

I am in the early stages of therapy and would love to hear from others who are either currently undergoing DBT or who have succeccfully completed the course.Does DBT change lives?
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Hello Fighting4Life, I am also in dbt therapy, and it has helped me tremendously. I have learned new ways to deal with my emotions, thoughts, in effect employing radical acceptance of them and not judging them, using wise mind which is the use of the emotional and rational mind together, and that's just to name a few things. I am still in the dbt group, it will be ending soon, but the instructor, my counselor, has us do the breathing exercises during the first 5 minutes to get people to relax nd get us in the mood of practicing dbt techniques. One of my favorite techniques is focus switching, where you purposefully pay attention while switching your focus to something else more positive, hopefully, is you feel anxious, upset, etc. If you continually practice the Dbt skills you will learn, yes, I believe it can improve lives.

i do dbt have done twice  now it helps  but only if ur willing to accept  that help



thats called radical acceptance 


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