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Different Types of Depression – Learn the Exact Condition Affecting Your Life

Posted Aug 03 2012 6:41pm

The term ‘depression’ is used to address the common symptoms like sadness, worthlessness, low mood, hopelessness and gloominess. Despite of being the most common psychological disorder, depression is not precisely understood by many people. Depression is an umbrella term for the disorder which affects the patients in different forms. Here is a discussion about different types of depression, each having specific sets of signs and symptoms in addition to the common ones.

Major Depression

What is major depression disorder ? Also known as clinical depression, the condition is the most common type of depression. The characteristic signs of the condition include loss of interest and pleasure in all types of activities and significantly lowered self-esteem. Interruption in every basic activity, including studying, working, eating and sleeping is experienced by the patients.


Better known as chronic depression, dysthymia lowers down the patient’s ability to work optimally. What it means is that the patient may perform the routine task, but not to the best of his or her ability. Lack of concentration, unexplained sadness, tiredness and changed sleeping and eating patterns are the most common signs. While major depression acts in the form of episodes, dysthymia looms for a major part of every day and may last for time periods as long as years.

Atypical Depression

Depression may not essentially make the patient eat or sleep less. A depressed person may oversleep or overeat and this is what happens in the case of atypical depression. Weight gain, fatigue, mood swings and complexity in relationships are the additional signs of this condition.

Psychotic Depression

The most severe among different types of depression is psychotic depression. What is severe depression disorder ? It is the condition when the common depression symptoms are accompanied by the psychotic symptoms like hallucinations and delusions. The patients start seeing things and hearing sounds that are not real. Psychotic depression may also make the patients think that others are planning conspiracies against them or paying special attention to them.

Bipolar Depression

The patients experiencing extreme thoughts of committing suicide should find answer to what is bipolar depression disorder . In this type of depression, the patients experience the symptoms of mania in addition to the common depression symptoms. The patients may experience sudden switch from being low to extremely energetic.

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