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Dexedrine vs Adderall (Pros and Cons)

Posted Oct 06 2010 1:36pm
Recently my doctor switched me from Dexedrine to Adderall (well - the generic of Adderall) and the BIG difference between two two is that the generic Adderall is NOT an extended release pill - unlike Dexedrine... and all I can say is - WOW - what a difference. 

I had no idea how much of a difference it would make.   It didn't bother me that with the generic Adderall I would have to cut the tabs and take them a couple times a day.  The problem with that is you don't get the steady "flow" of medication throughout the day and therefore the chemicals in your brain are going up and down (unlike with the Dexedrine).  It is a very frustrating feeling when all you want is to feel stable.

On the Dexedrine I was able to stay focused and have enough energy, but most importantly, to keep me awake throughout the entire day.  Before I started taking Dexedrine I was so tired all the time that I was taking 4-5 hour daily naps!  Then later at night I would just lay there in bed wide awake staring at the ceiling.   I couldn't concentrate and I didn't care about anything.  Dexedrine helped me to focus and to keep my energy level steady.  It has been the key ingredient that I had been missing.

The reason I had switched to Adderall was because it was cheaper - a LOT cheaper.  Dexedrine (the generic) is around $260/month while the generic Adderall is $40/month!  (My insurance doesn't cover these types of meds.)  I really had hoped the generic Adderall would work because it would save me so much money.  Unfortunately my body doesn't care how much money I have in my checkbook - it just cares about what meds work and what meds don't.  In the end, even though it will cost more it will absolutely be worth every penny!

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