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Destructive Generational Narcissism

Posted Mar 31 2010 10:19am

There are families where generations of narcissists have lived and died and left a painful legacy of cruelty, betrayal,deception, manipulation and exploitiveness to their children, grandchildren and beyond. I have found that eventually one individual will break this cycle of extreme abuse. Surrounded by parents, siblings, aunts, uncles, etc who are roaring narcissists, they appear and reveal with their humane differentness that the spell has been broken. The battle of the child who is surrounded by narcissists is unbelievably tough and unrelenting. With all of my professional experience, it is still a miracle to me that these children survive their psychologically toxic childhoods. Many of them are constitutionally and mentally very strong and highly intuitive. All of these qualiites have helped them to move through the generational narcissistic morass.

Despite all of the suffering and deprivation foisted at them all of their lives, they are vibrant, compassionate, creative and highly empathic human beings. They kept counsel with themselves through all of the years of abuse and desolation to emerge with scars and remnants of suffering, but at their psychological core they are evolved individuals capable of both giving and receiving love. What could be more important?  You deserve our honor and respect. You are an inspiration. Visit my website:


Linda Martinez-Lewi, Ph.D.

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