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Daily Stresses & RAD

Posted Aug 28 2009 8:00pm
One of the difficult things about RAD is that we still have to deal with all the other "stuff" too. It would be nice if the other stuff gave us a break since we already dealing with a lot but life doesn't work that way.

Our oldest has just left the nest to live on her own in another city. In a two day period of time she got a speeding ticket for driving 34 in an unmarked school zone. She told the officer she had only lived there 2 weeks and had no idea and she replied "Its your job to find out". The next day her car broke down and the engine is DEAD. Her boss picked her up on the highway and told her he was not going to be able to pay her what he had said. WHAT? And why pick that moment to break the news? How bizarre.

College tuitions are due, property tax is due, school fees are flying in the window like mosquitoes. In the midst of this Bear has decided ALL the new clothes I bought him for school are geeky and he will only wear the old ones. So one by one his old clothes are quietly leaping into the trash the night before it goes out. Strange phenomenon he has not yet noticed.

Oh and lest you are worried for our poor Eagle we are driving there to give her my car this weekend and we will look for a different one for me. Life goes on RAD or no RAD.
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