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Could Talking To yourself aloud be a sign of mental illness?

Posted by countrygurl-89

I am a female and 21 years old... For many years now I have suffered from these episodes when I'm all alone.. I can't control them.. I start talking to myself, I'm talking to other people in these "fantasies" or fictional role playing... I don't know how to describe them.. but I will accually get upset or cry during these episodes. the conversations are with people that i know and sometimes with people I don't, I will have these episodes frequently without warning and won't realize that i'm doing it... until someone walks into the room or a loud noise or something snaps me out of it... these episodes have lasted for as long as an hour before but I have memory problems.. I can't fully remember a good example.. but they are usually negative episodes... this is a problem, i can bearly control them and I am afraid that i might do it in public one day which is really embarrassing, it is affecting my life, i also have problems with getting motivated to do everyday activities such as clean dishes and wash clothes, etc..., i will lay around for hours doing nothing and it really upsets me,  and it is affecting my marriage... please give me some advice on what you may think is the problem...

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Yes, the way you are describing it, sounds like a form of dissociating. Something probably triggered it, like you said, when you are alone. Some people are not able to tolerate certain emotions, aloneness, or stressors and they have resorted to defense mechanisms that they probably learned very young. I think you should get a professional to help you with this. I've helped others with similar but not exact symptoms. I am a Licensed professional who can help you or you can contact these my colleague Mary (510) 339-7274. Good luck. If you like to search for other therapists go to for a list of other good therapists. You can read about my work there also. You can also find me on yelp.- Mey Saephan

Oops, sorry forgot my number for you, (510) 628-0740- Mey

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