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Controlling the weather

Posted Jan 07 2010 5:29pm

Since when did it become someone’s responsibility to predict the weather accurately, within a few degrees?

I couldn’t help wondering that as I watched the evening news here in the UK this evening.

It consisted mainly of a presenter dressed in a snowsuit, standing gesticulating wildly in a field of white, shouting something about the MULTI-MILLION POUND, STATE-OF-THE-ART equipment we have in this country and so how come we weren’t told?

How come NOONE TOLD US that the sky would dump inches and inches of snow all over the country in the last week or so?

And, as I watched, I found myself asking how we could possibly expect to predict – except vaguely – something as unpredictable and vague and wonderful and gloriously surprising as weather?

When did we begin to expect everything to be so predictable, so measurable, so… well, just so…?

We expect to be able to measure the amount of cholesterol in our blood and from that predict the risks to our health. We expect to predict the economy, the next trends for the new season, a flu epidemic and even the rate of erosion of our coastlines. We live in a world where we are told that we can measure and control almost everything.


It’s funny, really, isn’t it?

I could empathise with the presenter throwing up her hands in the middle of that frozen field, the size of a little red nylon dot, shaking her metaphorical fist at the heavens and asking: why, why, WHY? I should have been told. Someone should have done something…

How many of our problems, our feelings of stuckness or frustration or exhaustion come from telling ourselves that we should have known, we could have done better, we ought to have been informed or informed ourselves?

How different could your life be if you didn’t have to keep convincing yourself that you can push, cajole, force your way through that thing that, when you stop and breathe for a moment and really notice it, really look at it and experience it, is actually unpredictable, uncontrollable.

You know. That thing that is someone else’e business. Maybe even God’s business, the Universe’s business. It’s certainly not your business, anyway. You certainly can’t control it.

Just like the weather.

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