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Conflict–What Is It? The Importance of Conflict Resolution Techniques

Posted Jun 16 2009 10:02pm

Conflict will occur when you do not have respect for the other feelings of another individual or
when they do not have respect for you. You can try to deflect conflict by using positive
communication skills as discussed in this book. You will know when you are in conflict as it will
consist of unproductive, negative communication. If conflict can be briefly defined – that is the
perfect definition. While there is good conflict, negative conflict is defined by negative communication. If it continues, it can keep on escalating.
Not too many people are happy when they are embroiled in a conflict. While some seem to
thrive on drama, they are usually very unhappy people who suffer from an inferiority complex
and need to be the center of attention. For the most part, people try to avoid conflict.
How do you identify and resolve conflict? For an exercise, try to think of the last time you
experienced conflict in your life. It can be something trivial or a major conflict at work or home.
Do you remember the events that led up to the conflict? Could you have stopped the conflict
before it escalated?
How long did the conflict continue? How did you feel while you were experiencing the conflict?
Did you feel helpless and want it to end, or did it make you feel energized?
How did the conflict end? Was it a positive ending? Who made the first move to end the conflict
or was this accomplished by a mediator?
Try to imagine yourself in a conflict with a friend, significant other or colleague. Do you see any
situation in the near future where you may have some sort of conflict? Are the warning signs
Can you think of how you would like the conflict to end? Do you know of any techniques that
you can use to diffuse the conflict? How do you think these will work?
Whenever there is a storm brewing, it is often human nature to go somewhere safe and wait it
out. A conflict is like a storm, but instead of hiding out, you are better off to prepare for the storm
Conflict—what is it—Conflict resolution techniques
It is important for everyone to have conflict resolution techniques. Conflict is sometimes
needed to clear the air. As much as you try, you will not be able to avoid every situation that
involves conflict. But you can try to resolve conflict without it causing too much damage.
Conflict takes its toll on us both mentally and physically.

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