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Conflict in families

Posted Jul 29 2008 9:18am

Sibling rivalry is a common sign seen in all older kids. But most of it is harmless and goes away with time. Parents should take great care in preparing the older child when a new one arrives. Many times parents are busy with the new born and neglect their older kid. Due to this the older child develops hatred towards the younger sibling. Some children who are aggressive can even harm the younger child unknowingly due to anger and jealousy.

A certain amount of conflict is normal between children in families. Comparison and constant competition can lead to sibling rivalry. It is in the hands of the parents to see that kids don’t form jealousy towards their younger ones.Fighting can lead to hatred between siblings and some even take it as far as killing each other. Many brothers from board room have gone to court rooms taking their fights to court. Sibling rivalry can lead to anger in children and as they grow up the anger grows with them and leads to fatality of the relationship.Sibling rivalry usually continues throughout childhood and can be very frustrating and stressful to parents.

  • The most important way to get rid of sibling rivalry is never compare your kids. “This is a biggie”.
  • Each child is unique.Teach your kids positive ways to get attention from each other.
  • Tell them to play together and involve them in group activity. Let them play together instead of against each other.
  • Make sure each child has enough time and space of their own.
  • Be fair to both of them. Do not take sides when they are in conflict. As a parent it is your responsibility to see that sibling rivalry vanishes as fast as it started in your kids.

Carlos Todd, LPC

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