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Chronic Anxiety Linked to Heart Attack Risk

Posted Oct 03 2008 12:53pm

I was worried about this...Okay, bad joke.  This article discusses a new finding linking chronic anxiety and increased risk of a heart attack, in men.  The findings looked specifically at chronic anxiety, not the occasional anxiety we all experience periodically, and demonstrated a 30-40% increase in heart attack risk, even when other factors (such as cholesterol levels) were taken into account.

The article also notes that this study adds to the list of psychological traits that impact the functioning of the heart, including "Type A" personality style, and chronic anger.  That anxiety would have an impact similar to anger is not surprising, given the similarities in physical symptoms experienced between the two emotions.  Even though, cognitively, anger and anxiety originate from different thought processes, they manifest physically in many similar ways.  This apparently includes their impact on cardiac functioning.

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