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Chato B Stewart - DBSA Facing Us - Video - My Story For My Mental Health

Posted Feb 02 2010 11:31am

This post is about Chato B Stewart’s DBSA (Depression, Bipolar Support Alliance) Facing Us Video to tell as, Chato calls it “My Story For My Mental Health”.

I just wanted to share this with you. As many of my readers might remember I entered a national video contest for called “Facing Us Recovery” from the DBSA.  The contest asked us, people living with bipolar disorder and  depression to tell our own recover story or “My Story”.  I won 1st Place in the 2009 DBSA Facing Us Video Contest. This video was not  my first time stories , no, I’ve written about “my story” and I also did a post with a ruff cut of the winning video.

Here is the link to the full video.  I am going to upload it to my youtube account in a week or so.  For now please support the Facing Us site and check out the vidoe there.  Also, feel free to join the page too, it’s free and full of great resources.   The video is about me using my cartoons to tell the story.

Personal Story: Chato Stewart, Punta Gorda, FL
Topic:Facing Recovery – Title: “My Story” – 1st Place Winner in the 2009 DBSA Facing Us Video Contest

Do you have questions? Like, what is mental health? Or Why there is so much stigma about mental illness?

Well, your questions and many more might have your answers a click away. I want to tell you about what my friend Mark Pines .  He treat clients based on psychoanalytic theory. This is a way of understanding how a person relates to others based on the patterns learned in their most significant relationship experiences - usually their relationship with their parents.

Not to mention he has tons of great articles and here is a link to a free E-book.

Remember, we always need to educate our self’s about mental disorders.  We need to keep up to date and using our mental floss to get in between the lines too.

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