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Changes, Changes, Changes

Posted Sep 06 2010 8:00am

I know that everything must change.  I also know for the most part that change is a good thing.  However, knowing those things does not negate the fear I have when it is time for things to change.  My treatment at the treatment center I go to, is in a state of change right now.  It is creating some stress for me. Actually, I have decided that the stress is good for me.  It is not an overwhelming stress, it is more like the stress is there because I am being pushed a little bit out of my comfort zone.  Just enough that it should effect more growth in that area of my life.

The psychiatrist that I had been seeing since I began going to that treatment center recently left.  The new doctor arrives, September 16th and I have an appointment with him on that day.  I have shared that I am a little nervous about getting to know a new psychiatrist. I think I will be okay with that change once it happens.  It is not like I am going to a totally new place, it is just a new doctor coming in.

I sense a change coming with regards to my counseling.  I know that one of the big goals in therapy is to get to a point where the patient no longer relies on the therapist as much or not at all.  I know this but yet, it does not make me feel any more confident at the thought of not having my counseling sessions as often or at all.  I think it is getting close to that point.  After my awesome counseling session the other day, the counselor asked me if I thought I needed to see her individually anymore this month or only at the group sessions.  I set an appointment to take place in two weeks.  I am glad that my counselor lets me set the pace for my therapy.  I do know that it is time for me to start pushing my comfort zones again. It always happens that way, just when I get comfortable, it is time to take on some new challenges.

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