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Celebrate Anything you want but I’m Celebrating life this Week.

Posted Mar 15 2009 12:00am

delusions_of_spring-500.jpgPeople like to celebrate anything. I think it gives them a reason to party!  I personally do not like to celebrate just anything. But, I do often take time to remember some mile stones in my life. Becoming a father 4 times was a great event!  The day I got married and the day I got baptized is important to me as well.  The day I first kissed my wife is there… What, you thought a guy does not remember things like that?  I do.  It was September 10th, 1991… I think? Those are what I like to call my “Happy Days!”

mhh_plan_500.jpgThen there are the days of dark, tumultuous time.  Times when I was at my own end.  Days without hope without life.  Sadly, I have too many of these days in my short life.  A few days stand out more than others.  June 25, 2004, when I was in what was called an “Acute Manic Episode with Psychic Tendency.”  At least that is what the admissions screening said when I was being admitted to the hospital.  Was I suicidal? Yes. Was I homicidal? Well, my wife fled with the kids and had the police come talk to me.  I feel I have to interject that I never hit or beat my wife!! This was not a Rihanna, Chris Brown violence moment!  I would never hit my wife! But I’m not stupid, I know the emotional abuse she endured in many ways was much worse.  My wife took the kids and fled not to get away from me but for me to get help.

Mental Health Humor cartoons jokes chato b stewart,crazy horseWe made it thought that! However, any one living with a recurring disorder, will tell you that even if it is under complete control there are always flair ups!  Mental illness is a chemical imbalance and once you get unbalanced it takes time to find that balance again.  One of the other dates I hold as something to remember is this week.

What happened this time last year?  Tune into our next post and find out how we really did this year.

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