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But can I really change my mood? Exercise in Instant happiness

Posted Dec 19 2009 3:08pm

Recent feedback - great book, very engaging but I don't believe I can change my mood like that

Answer - Yes you can! and by mapping your mood you prove to yourself that it is possible. Of course if you want to change your mood, you have to do something to change your mood. Otherwise, as Jamie Oliver knows, it is a case of "Same ingredients + Same recipe = Same results!"

It is not good to sit by the edge of a swimming pool, saying "I can't swim, I can't swim, I can't swim" Because the only way to learn to swim is to get into the water and start splashing around.

This is a simple exercise called "Instant sunshine" which shows you how to change your mood instantly

First map your mood, so you know where you are now.

Step One - Smile and lift your chest up, arch your back upwards, breath from your lower chest and keep smiling.

Step Two - Carry on with what you are doing and while you smile and lift your chest up, run an inner dialogue that goes something like
" I am happy because .... " and think of a reason - which can be anything
Sitting at my PC - I say to myself
"I am happy because I like my new picture" "I am happy because I have got an email from Fiona" "I am happy because I enjoyed the sunshine today" "I am happy because my central heating is working" "I am happy because I don't have to see my father until Thursday" "I am happy because my friend is happy" "I am happy because I got a Christmas card from Stephen and Michael"

All conversation with myself takes place with a smile and starts with "I am happy because..... "

It is impossible to keep this up for long - but even a few minutes has a wonderfully positive effect on your mood. You will feel happier at the end of this exercise. Remap your mood and see the effect for yourself. This is the aim of MoodMapping - so you can see how you feel and improve on it!

And the first step is put your toe in the water, because Yes you really can change your mood, you can do it and you don't have to wait for something good to happen to you. If you feel good and powerful, you will get better results, on balance you will get better results than if you feel bad. MoodMapping helps you check it out! You need to know how you feel when you do your best work! so you can do more good work - MoodMapping helps you find out exactly how you feel, why you feel that way and what to do to get to feel the way you want to feel.

Jump in, get MoodMapping and enjoy the water!

Copyright (c) Dr. Liz Miller
Mood Mapping
Dr Liz Miller
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