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Borderline Personality Disorder, Asperger's and Robust Individuals

Posted Jan 23 2009 6:25pm

The labels Borderline Personality Disorder, Asperger's and Robust Individual seem to refer to the same personality type, depending on gender and class. At their best, their positive characteristics include

Detached, Direct, Decisive, Independent, Fearless, Determined, Objective, Responsible, Vigorous, Self confident, Enthusiastic, Team orientated, Goal orientated, Persistent, Self motivated

Women of this type are labelled, "Borderline Personality Disorder"
Men of this type are labelled, "Asperger's Syndrome"
and if they work for government services including the NHS they are called, "Trouble makers"

A psychiatrists once defined a person with Borderline personality disorder as someone who could not get with their psychiatrist.
A first year psychologist can tell you that personality is not related to gender. Ergo - these labels are sexist.

I like to call them "Robust Individuals". Robust Individuals tend to see and analyse the world from a distance, rather than living in the moment. They struggle to find an instant reply to the well prepared jibe of a Troll or other nasty. They think, rather than feel. They can always see a way to do it better and these guys keep going when everyone else has given up.

Robust Individuals are primarily reactive, they have long, inelastic strings. On form, they are tolerant, and will put up with a situation for a long time, until they decide to act. They wait and watch, in a calm and unflustered state and then, when they act, they act with all their force. They are capable of incredible feats. These men and women are the Legions of the world. They are the squadrons of bombers, the troops that fight for the truth and for what is right.

In a world that is going badly wrong, where everyone is out for themselves, these people stand out like sore thumbs. And they are paying the price. The Trolls are after them, and they call them names like Borderline Personality Disorder and Asperger's.

Robust Individuals are motivated by their need to do better, they never feel good enough - that is their torment and their strength. In battle these are the guys who will carry the day.

Despite my initial hopes for The Gordon, he has shown himself to be a Troll or Sensitive Individuals, as is every major western politician, apart from Obama, - selfish, self interested and based in the short term. It is time to bring back the Churchillian strengths for which the British are renowned.

Relationships -
Robust Individuals should avoid Sensitive Individuals (Trolls and Politicians) at all costs. They need to be in a relationship with a Sensitive Social (Helpers and Babel Fish) whose characteristics are

Sensitive, Observant, Mischievous, Wary, Amiable, Supportive, Cooperative, Warm, Amenable Loyal, Empathic, Reserved, Gullible

(because we love you to bits, and you make us feel safe ;-)

Alan Sugar shows what happens to a Robust Individual when he marries a Sensitive Individual. Peter Jones and Theo Paphitis show how happy a Robust Individual man can be when he marries a Sensitive Social. Who would you rather work for?

Copyright (c) Dr. Liz Miller
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