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Blog Share - When the Teacher is the Bully

Posted Jan 17 2011 12:00am
I just read an excellent post at Dr. Deb's blog that I wanted to share with everyone - it's " When the Teacher is the Bully ".

I was bullied by my teacher in Grade 2 and it was very traumatic. She called me names, made me stand alone in the hallway, sent me to the Principal's office and generally made my life a living hell. I'll never forget Mrs. Trask.

Mid-way through my Grade 2 school year I started throwing up every day at school. My mom was actively involved in trying to find a solution and the school refused to do anything.

I didn't go back to that school after that terrible year. My mom, a school teacher herself, decided to home school me since I was "sensitive" to bullying.

I was terrified when my oldest started Kindergarten last year. I didn't want a similar experience to scar her for life too. But she's had a very positive experience at school so far, which is great.

So pop over and check out her blog . It's an excellent post!

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