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Posted Sep 24 2010 10:05am
I can't think of a better word to describe how I'm feeling right now.

I mean - I should feel okay at least  - It's a decent day outside - nice and cool, sun's out - my kind of weather - but here I am (as usual) stuck on the couch with no motivation to get off it and DO SOMETHING.  Every idea that I come up with (which isn't much) I shoot down and find some reason not to do it.  The thought of having to get dressed and get in the car and drive somewhere - then to interact with other people... blah... I just can't do it.

I hate how one day you can feel inspired (if only for a short while) and the next - you feel absolutely nothing.  That's how I'm feeling today.

I'm so sick of watching TV and looking at my computer - yet I can't find the strength to do anything else.  This sucks - plain and simple.  I'm sick of staring out the window and seeing my neighbors come and go - I have their schedules down pat (no - I'm not a stalker - I just see everything from this couch).  I see when certain people get home for lunch and when they leave - I see the same woman taking her walk every day, I see the same kid (in I swear the same clothes) walk by on his way home from school every day... While life is happening all around me I just sit here and waste it away.

I hope to get my butt of this couch and find some motivation but the chances of that are slim to none...

~ Hopeful

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