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Blackouts – common or rare?

Posted Jul 30 2012 5:00am

Are blackouts common? – Morning Question #15.

Blackouts are nothing like passing out or being unconscious. Blackouts involve the ability to walk, talk and function while intoxicating but to form no memories. The next day the drinker may not know what happened.

Blackouts are relatively common, with up to half of all college students reporting having had an episode of memory loss when drinking. These episodes are highly associated with Binge Drinking . Blackouts range from “brownouts” sometimes called fragmentary blackouts where there are portions of memory mixed with missing facts to full on blackouts (sometimes called block blackouts) of having lived hours or sometimes days with no memory of where you where or what happened.

Having a blackout especially early in your drinking career indicates a huge risk of developing alcoholism .

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