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Birthday Love

Posted May 22 2013 7:33pm
Thank you all for the many birthday wishes I got yesterday.

I am so blessed!

I didn't have a big party or anything, but it was amazing.

On Monday I spent the day with one of my best friends. A now yearly tradition of eating sushi and playing around in the mall.

Then the morning of my actual birthday (after only two hours of sleep mind you LOL), Matt woke me up at six in the morning and tossed me in the car and headed north out of the city. I knew where we were going immediately, so it wasn't a surprise but it was an amazing gift.

He took me to Santa Fe, to Clafoutis , my favorite little French cafe. It was an hour drive to get there and he still had to work that day. But he went just for me. Just for my birthday. We could have gone anywhere else considering we just had a simple little breakfast but it's such a special place for us.

And it helped that we bought like thirty bucks worth of pastries.

I spent the rest of the day being overwhelmed by love from text messages, phone calls and Facebook posts (in addition to being overwhelmed by a massive migraine that put me down hard by the end of the night). I got to talk to my sweet Texan Grandmother, who despite living in Utah for over 50 years, has kept her accent. She's up there in age and has to deal with so many health ailments. She's got one leg, wheelchair bound, has ulcers, vertigo, sleeps with oxygen and is getting over a cold . . . and she doesn't have a damn thing to complain about. Just gives me one extra thing to feel so grateful for my life.

I ended the eve of my 29th birthday lying in bed next to my husband. I tried to ignore the pressure of my migraine while he combed his fingers through my hair and watched Cabin in the Woods.

A birthday is just like every other day.

And I love my every other days.
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