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Birth Order, personality and the threat from China

Posted Jan 23 2009 6:25pm

Your personality depends in part on whether you are the eldest child, the youngest or somewhere in the middle.

The differences between the eldest child and their younger siblings intrigue psychologists. The eldest child is likely to be the most successful in the family. Traditionally, the eldest son inherited the estates, the second son went into the army and the youngest son went into the church, while the daughters were married off to rich men. This tradition reflects those differences.

When I was at school, there were occasional late arrivals to a family. A child born to a mother of forty plus, a woman who thought she had finished her family. The child seemed small and weak compared to the rest of the class.

All wombs are not equal. The major difference between the first born and their younger siblings is the state of the womb in which they are conceived. The first inhabitant gets the best deal. The eldest child is conceived and raised in a largely undamaged womb, with a good nerve supply and no previous owners. Subsequent inhabitants may have to make do with a torn cervix, ruptured ligaments, damaged nerves, and the occasional fibroid for good measure.

Miller's Theory of Birth Order predicts that China, as a nation of eldest sons, is in shape to rule the world.

The children of China are first born. The people who will face us in the next hundred years are the first sons of first sons of first sons. They will be delivered in the squatting position while their mothers are working in the paddy fields, that is fit and healthy children of fit and healthy mothers. These men will stay calm in the face of danger and healthy in the face of disease. The people of China and the strength of their leaders are our greatest challenge. While we are making ourselves happy, they are making themselves better.

More than ever, we need insight into our own and others' behaviour. Only this will allow us to work in a successful partnership with the rest of the world.

Copyright (c) Dr. Liz Miller
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