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Bipolar, Mania, Cyclothymic and Hyperthymic Posts

Posted Sep 23 2012 9:49pm

Bipolar, Mania, Cyclothymic and Hyperthymic Posts

Here is the most recent updated list of posts and links on Bipolar Disorders and related conditions.             

 1. What is Mania?

 2.  Do medications or drugs cause mania or Bipolar disorder?

 3. What is Mania or a Manic Episode?

 4.  You Know You’re Manic When

 5.  Lady Diana, Bipolar and Borderline Personality Disorder

 6.  Is everyone Bipolar?

 7.  Does an adjustment disorder produce depression & mania?

 8.  Tests for mental illness

 9.  Hyperthymia, Hyperthymic Personality Disorder and  Bipolar Disorder

10.  Bipolar Disorder, Alcoholism and Addiction 

11. S cared or Excited?

12.  More depression these days?

13.  Bipolar or Major Depression?

14.  Bipolar – misdiagnosed or missing diagnosis?

15.  Am I Bipolar?

16.  Bipolar doesn’t mean moody

17. What is Cyclothymia?

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