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Be Responsible for Your Own Care

Posted Sep 26 2009 8:46am

A few years ago, after a serious bout of illness, I made the decision to heal myself in my own way.  I was getting tired of being told by doctors that alternative medicine was rubbish and that synthetic drugs were the way to go. Really, all I was looking for was balance - I wanted to have a voice in my own care because after all, I was the sick one and knew how I "felt" physically.  I ended up receiving nine blood transfusions and ingesting a cocktail of drugs every single day.  There seemed no end in sight to this regimen, and I remember feeling like my health was in someone else's control.  Basically, I was feeling worse every day and my doctors could not identify with my problem. 

One day I visited my primary care physician who I felt was truly in tuned with my needs.  I explained to him that this was not how I wanted to spend the rest of my life.  His answer to my complaint?  "Be happy you're alive and deal with it."  He walked out of the room, and I never returned to his office.

Later that day, I thought to myself that there could only be two options for me.  The first option was to do exactly what I was told and live the best way that I could - follow the doctor's orders.  The second was to "feel" my way through life.  I'm happy to say that not only have I never looked back, I have been prescription drug free for five years.

What I did:

1. Decide what it is you want to accomplish healthwise, and how you want to live.

2. Write down a list of everything that is bothering you about your health, and put them in order.  The most severe should be at the top of the list, and the least severe should be the last. Write it down even if you think it is insignificant because everything is related in some form or another.

3. Start a health journal.  In it, you will write how you feel every day in order to mark your progression.  Write down how you feel on different days, after you eat, drink or take your medicine.  Soon you will start to realize which drugs or foods you ingest, make you feel a certain way.

4. Start working on your most severe illness.  If you are taking medicine for it, start doing some research.  Find out what is in the drug and find its substitute in herbal form.  I receive e-mails about this all the time and I can help if you'd like.  In my case it was Epilepsy for which I was taking Trileptal.  I ended up taking Neurozyme and slowly got weaned off the the zynthetic.  Any doctor will tell you to stop with your research... be your own judge.  It is scarry, but it's the best way to heal.

5. Document your progress.  There will be setbacks, and this takes time, but if you do it properly, it will work.  I used the medical passport USB to load all of my medical records on, and got rid of everything that could "label" me as anything other than what I wanted to be.  In other words, once you've decided on a goal, simply replace the current illness with that new goal.  Mine for Epilepsy? Past seizure disorder. 

You can purchase a medical passport at:

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