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Bats In Her Belfry

Posted Jul 02 2010 7:00am

No, the bats are not in my belfry brain.  They are in my mother’s belfry attic.  What started out as a funny story from my mother has turned into a huge ordeal.

Last week, late at night, my mother who does not sleep well saw something flying around inside her house.  She realized it was a flying rat bat, and then screamed.  This woke my dad up, who was sleeping in his recliner.  My mother continued her freak out and jumped on the couch covering herself with a blanket and dad was left to deal with the bat.  Eventually, the stress of the whole situation got to my mother and she went and hid in her bathroom.  The visual in my mind and my mother telling me about her hiding made me laugh.  When she was on the phone with me, she cracked me up with her idea of duct taping her attic door shut, in an effort to keep the bats away.  It was funny, and my mother agreed that after the incident was over that in retrospect it was funny.

Then things got not so funny.  My mother came home after being out for a while and discovered a bat sitting on her kitchen counter.

Bats serve a valuable purpose, eating bugs and etc. that might be harmful to people, but bats do not belong in a house.  They carry several diseases than can be fatal to humans.  Bats carry rabies.  They also carry histoplasmosis.  Histoplasmosis is found in fresh bat droppings, it is a fungus, and is transmitted to humans by airborne spores.  Unlike bird droppings, bat droppings do not have to have contact with soil for the fungus to be found.

After finding the second bat, things were not funny anymore.  Since my mother and father rent their place in Augusta, they called the rental management company and had them send an exterminator to the house.  Meanwhile, the rental management company kept trying to reach the landlord, who is not returning any phone calls.

The exterminator came to the house, identified where the bats are in the attic.  However, he left without doing anything.  It seems that in Georgia, this is the time of the year that bats have babies, and it is against the law to move them or do anything to them now.  What the exterminator did tell my mother was that if the landlord will agree that the bats need to be moved, the exterminator can go to the proper people and get a waiver.

Meanwhile, the management company still cannot get a hold of the landlord.

A couple of days ago, the management company said that since they could not get a hold of the landlord, and  having the bats in the house is an extreme health hazard, they were advising my parents to move out of the house.  So now my parents, both of whose health is not the best have to move to another house fairly quickly.  All of this has taken place in one week’s time frame.

It kind of makes you wonder if the two asthma attacks my mother had, especially since her asthma has not bothered her in years, were caused by the bats being in the house.

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