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Back to Work Benefits.

Posted Jan 11 2011 3:23pm

So i have made it back to work. Although nervous and feeling like the new girl (although i am definately not) i have managed to do everything that i am supposed to be doing. That doesn’t stop me from checking and rechecking what i am doing. I have had reoccuring images and thoughts about whether i have completed things i should have done. These are a bit irrational as i know i have done them.

Anyway the work side is on it’s way, what is causing more anxiety is dealing with the benefits system again. It is so stupid. You can’t sort out work tax credits until 7 days before you intend to start work. You can’t sort out child care tax credits until you have actually started work and are using childcare. You have to call different places to get details of what benefits you have recieved and get the actual amounts of what you have recieved and then call back the first place to give them the figures to then be told you need to fill in other forms to get something else that you are entitled to. The jobcentre is supposed to be your point of contact and help you get all of this arranged, it should be seamless ha what a joke. The job centre have just referred me to a charity that can help me, who have then referred me back to the job centre. Basically i get the impression that no one actually wants to do their job and they all just pass the buck around. I have made numerous calls to government departments and any job grant etc that i recieve will all go on telephone bills. I seem to have been on the phone constantly for the last 10 days and really i am getting nowhere. If i don’t get this sorted then i am going to run out have money and i won’t have anything that i am entitled to coming in.

The whole thing is enough to make you throw your hands up and say whatever, it’s enough to send you into a tailspin. I still find it really stressful dealing with these types of people on the phone. It still feels like begging even though i am only trying to claim what i am entitled to. It may just be me but i feel like i am trying to defraud them or something, the constant questions, the passing from one department to the other and just when you think you have got it sorted they want to go over it all again.

Tomorrow i am going to have to make more of these phone calls and deal with more of these people. You would think that they have all this information on computer and that they could all access it. In fact i’m sure that they probably do, i think they just make it this difficult in the hope that you will go away and not make your claim. Anyway i will try and get it all sorted tomorrow in the hope that i will get something in a few weeks time.

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