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Assisted Suicide? Or Brain-dead body part farming.

Posted by rah

Sorry folks, but encountering a serious ethical question here. I received a call Thurs night that my brother had shot himself, and they were rushing him to the hospital. A shotgun, I am told is difficult to direct properly so these horrible disfigurments happen.

I won't go in to detail about my question how a man runs out of the house to check for a burgular and then moments later commits suicide as told by the wife that told him she wanted a divorce, but maybe...

 When police arrived on the scene he was on his knees face down and responded to their commands (they were afraid he might shoot them, even though he had no face.)

 When he was admitted to the hospital, I was told< he had no brain damage and was responding to the commands of move left hand, finger, etc.

 Now fast forward to  some fuzzy time between 2pm the next day (less than 12 hours after the shooting) and 9am on Sat, where they pronounced him brain dead, I am assuming, as no one is talking, and they kept his body alive (not sure what that means as still no one is talking and his heart was not damaged, but who knows)...the point is...they kept his body alive so they could donate his organs.

I'm sorry, but I feel that is so ethically wrong...not to let him die before cutting him open and taking out his heart.  When do we decide who's life is more important? Do we decide that a person who will be horribly disfigured, has no face should just give his life for others that have a chance at a "better life"?

I never knew this was done.  I thought when you say donate your body parts on your license that they take them AFTER you are dead.  Apparently in this new age of profitable organ (and other body parts) donating, they like to keep them fresh as possible.

Am I the only one that sees something wrong with this?  I have been told by my family that I have no right to question this decision because it was up to his wife (who said I want a divorce) and his children of 16 and 21, who were  understandably distraught.

Then I read a story on Wellspere about how more than just the organs are taken in some parts of the world.  Considering he was cremated, I suppose no one would know.

Does anyone know if I can have access to the hospital records, donation records concerning the time he was there?  Is there a right to information that would cover this?  And how do I go about filing one?  It is not something I wish to reveal to my nieces, but I feel they were taken advantage of.

I also need to figure out how to reversed my donation choice on my license. I would never want my son to go through this ethical mental anguish tha I am now experiencing.

Time to open the dialogue on this issue.

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