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Aripiprazole May be Useful in Treatment of Alcoholism

Posted Oct 03 2008 12:52pm

Aripiprazole, a drug ordinarily used for the treatment of Bipolar Disorder ans Schizophrenia, may have a positive impact in the the treatment of alcoholism, according to this study.  The researchers found that the use of this medication made the alcohol have a "more sedating" effect, rather than a "stimulating effect," and the subjects became sleepier as a result of alcohol use.   The researchers also noted that Aripiprazole may also be more tolerable to a client (i.e. fewer side effects) than other anti-psychotic medications which have shown a similar effect, but are more difficult to tolerate.  Summary quote from the article:

"Aripiprazole is one of a growing list of medications that are being evaluated for the treatment of alcoholism," said Anton. "Readers should really see this as preliminary evidence and should be on the lookout for more studies to inform them of the potential treatment utility of aripiprazole by itself or in combination with other medications for alcohol-use disorders." He suggested that future research test aripiprazole on heavier drinkers and non-treatment-seeking alcoholics under longer-term dosing and natural drinking conditions, and also explore potential genetic predictors of its stimulatory versus sedation effects, with and without alcohol."

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