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Are You At the Breaking Point with Narcissistic Spouse?

Posted Mar 04 2013 4:35pm
How much more will you tolerate from your narcissistic spouse? How much more projected rage? How many more multiple affairs, dalliances, one night stands, mistresses? How do you put up with his increasing demands, complaints and shaming of you? How many more sleepless nights and jittery days will you put up with for him or her? The narcissist moves on with his life regardless of the damage that is being done to you moment by moment--day to day --year to year. Are you paying attention to all of the personal damage you have suffered under this impossible person? You do not deserve to live this way. You are not a possession of the narcissist--that is not the meaning of a marriage. There is no emotional intimacy, respect for you, transparency or a scintilla of empathy inside of the narcissistic spouse. This personality disorder does not change so I hope you are not waiting for a sudden insight on his/her part. 

All of the initiatives to be made to free yourself from the narcissist yours. He is , getting everything he wants and more and making your life narrow and miserable, even intolerable at the same time. And he/she doesn't give a hot damn about this since the narcissist is without conscience.  

Think about your own individual gifts, talents, dreams, and goals. Start to focus on yourself. For some this is the first time since many spouses of narcissists had one or two narcissistic parents. 

Ask that your intuition kick in big time to help you see the way forward. Be receptive and open to this process. If you have a close friend, do some leaning on them. They have to be a 24/7 type of friend, not one of their own convenience. Take up a healing practice of gentle yoga or some form of meditation --be sure to make whatever you do pleasant. Allow your creativity to activate and discover this is the pathway of trancendence from the narcissist. If you think it would be help, spend time and do some research finding excellent therapists. There are some fine ones but others who will absolutely not pass the empathy test, don't understand narcissists and have a money motive.  Be kind and patient with yourself as you move through this process. You can do it. I have great faith in you and I have known so many others who now walk, sing, dance and breathe in the freedom of being their wonderful unique selves. Visit my 

Linda Martinez-Lewi, Ph.D.
Telephone Consultation: United States and International
Book: Freeing Yourself from the Narcissist in Your Life
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