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Anorexia Advertisement: Trigger Alert

Posted Jan 07 2009 6:52pm

The Italian fashion label "No-l-ita", which features the slogan "No to Anorexia" as a backdrop, has stirred debate by featuring a naked, anorexic model on billboards across Italy's countryside in an effort to raise awareness of anorexia during Fashion Week.

Isabelle Caro, age 27, has suffered with anorexia for 15 years and weighed just 31 kilograms (approximately 71 pounds) at the time of the photo. The actress from France told Italian Vanity Fair that she began starving herself as a child to please her mother, who disapproved of her escalating weight. Now in recovery, she wants to bring this issue to the masses.

Most people think depression has the highest death rate among mental illnesses. But in truth, anorexia has the highest mortality rate. If this graphic image can help save a life, it's worth all the controversy the media campaign is generating.

I know many will have mixed feelings about this photo. Is it too graphic? Will it set the bar "higher" for those suffering with the disorder?

I feel that it casts a necessary light on the issue beauty, body image and society. But I do hope it does more good than bad.

Click here for a personal view from blogpal, Lynn, on anorexia.

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