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An Interesting Article on Toddlers, Temper Tantrums, and Later Aggression

Posted Jan 14 2009 7:23pm

Scientific American Mind as a magazine I have come to really enjoy. I have let a few of my magazine subscriptions lapse over the last year or two, simply because I haven’t had time to read enough of each issue to justify the cost. However, I am going to subscribe to Scientific American Mind. While the articles are written in a language that makes the material assessable to a layperson, I generally find them to be interesting and informative. This article is one example. Most of my experience in psychology has been working with adults, so I don’t pretend to have more than a general knowledge of psychological issues related to children. This particular article is well written, informative, and the sites some specific data relevant to their discussion. Given my work in corrections and forensics, I tend to gravitate to articles dealing with issues such as aggression, even in children, but I definitely think this article is well worth reading. This is the magazine I figured Psychology Today would be when I checked out an issue or two of that magazine years ago. I’ll subscribe in part because I’d like to get each and every copy, but I also like the idea of supporting media the present issues such as psychology, science, etc. to the public in an effective manner. Therefore, they’ll get my money!

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