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Alternative to Meds Center, San ...

Posted Sep 28 2008 5:17pm

Alternative to Meds Center, San Fransisco

Alternative to Meds Center has moved into a new treatment facility. [ see additional pictures ]

Lyle Murphy, Program Director has also hired an additional full-time CADC II Certified Counselor, along with an Organic Chef.

Program Description from [ Alternative to Meds Center ]:

Program Purpose

Our purpose is to provide a Clear Mind for each of our clients, so that they can succeed at being happy in life. This is obtained by gradually replacing medications with natural alternatives.


We believe that there are real underlying reasons why a person may be suffering from anxiety, depression, loss of passion, or inability to handle emotional pain. While drugs have a place in treatment, often they do nothing for the underlying causes, and have side effects that render them less than ideal. We feel that many mood disorders are the result of either poor nutrition, or an inability to metabolize good nutrition due to damaged enzymes or mutated genes. A person in balance should be able to handle even the gravest of tragedies without the situation becoming a chronic mood disorder. We approach this balance not only through nutrition but exercise, yoga, acupuncture, counseling, supplementation and medication tapering.

Program Overview

The client begins by seeing our Orthomolecular Medical doctor or the Addiction Medicine specialist. If indicated, labs are drawn to determine things such as Cortisol levels, blood Serotonin, thyroid function, liver function, CBC with differential, serum Zinc, serum Copper, etc. A gentle medication tapering schedule is written that is carried out, on average, ten weeks. This allows for one’s neurology to adjust and minimizes withdrawal symptoms.

The client then learns about clinical nutrition so that they may be able to develop ways to achieve brain chemistry balance naturally. They see how their moods may be associated with what they eat. As Anthelme Brillat-Savarin once said “Tell me what you eat, and I shall tell you what you are.”

The way we eat is a culturally ingrained thing, and bad habits about food are hard to change, especially without alternatives. These alternatives are difficult to find with our current food industry which tends to exchange health for profit. We not only provide those alternatives, we teach the client how to prepare mood balancing foods that are surprisingly simple, and definetely good tasting. This is so they can continue producing the results they see in our program for life.

Clear Body

We also feel that one of the best ways to clear your mind is to clear your body. Current research supports not only mild exercise, but the use of yoga and acupuncture to achieve overall wellness and balance. Clients also participate in medication withdrawal groups, where they learn to distinguish temporary withdrawal symptoms from their actual personality, and hear from others who have similar stories to share.

We understand how distraught a person can be about the whole subject concerning medications and their choices. When the side effects become too much, or the medication no longer works–which can be the consequence of long term drug use–what then? You have a tricky mess which can be overwhelming without direct support.  Most doctors are lacking clinical nutrition as part of their formal education, which leaves them unable to guide a person out of a desperate situation such as this.

Sauna Program

We also recommend the sauna program, available as an additional step. This program involves a cardiovascular warm-up and then about three and a half to five hours per day in the sauna for about one month. During this period, clients engage in an intensive supplement program specifically designed to metabolize toxins into a water soluble form that can be excreted via the sweat glands and urine. This truly remarkable process ensures the removal of chemical restimulators (residual drugs) as well as environmental and occupational toxins. This program was used on more than a thousand rescue workers who were at ground zero during 9/11, virtually saving many of their lives through its ability to help rid them of the chemical exposure they were subjected to.

Clear Mind

We are happy to speak with you or your doctor to coordinate the most effective way to transition you from the condition you are in to the condition you’d like to be in. We do offer our services on a case by case basis to clients who cannot join us at our facility. On site, clients are allowed freedoms and flexibility, and the ability to explore the beautifully charming city of San Francisco.

Learn more about [ Alternative to Meds Center ].

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