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All depressives are not alike.Le ...

Posted Oct 30 2008 6:21pm

All depressives are not alike.Learn your own or your loved ones particular signs of depression so that you can release judgement, recognize symptoms, offer loving support, and seek appropriate medical intervention.

The following are common signs of depression:

–Deep sadness

–Loneliness, regardless of social setting or situation

–Physical aches and pains

–Significant weight change

–Inability to experience pleasure

–Slow or impaired thought processes

–Inability to concentrate

–Memory and recall difficulties

–Preoccupation with death and dying

–Thoughts or visions of suicide (suicidal ideation)

–Decreased self esteem

–Feelings of worthlessness, failure, excessive guilt, self-hatred

–Reduction in physical activity

–Sleep disturbances

–Physical exhaustion

Remember that a person saddled by depression is sick, not lazy, not stupid, not unmotivated, not a failure. Never apply these labels. Accept them where they are and help them to envision wellness; and then work toward it together.Teach them to expect recovery, to seek help, and to rise up out of depression.

Your lives will be richer by the connections made.

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