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Albuquerque Comic CON - Celebs and Comics and Merch, Oh My!

Posted Jan 12 2014 12:05am
There's no hiding the excitement Matt and I have when it's time for a comic convention , but we've never been to Albuquerque Comic Con until today.

The crowds packed the place quickly, but we arrived earlier enough to go back issue hunting, one of Matt's happiest places on earth.

We weren't looking to complete a collection, instead we were searching for merch to have signed by the amazingly kind and talented artist George Perez, who is just as awesome as he was on his recent appearance on Comic Book Men. Such a good man!

The whole day was filled with events, panels, photo ops, and catching up with friends that I honestly can't put it all into words right now in my exhausted state. So here are some highlights, along with a few pics.

This is not a highlight. This was the worst part of my day when we stumbled upon a Weeping Angel. Matt excitedly asked for a picture, to which I refused (because I knew better!) 

Matt: Are you seriously not going to take a picture?

Me: No!

Then a Cosplayer behind us jumped in to defend me, "Take a picture and it'll get trapped in the image!" Thank you random and awesome Bolin from Legend of Korra!

Me: Exactly! Thank you! I'm not bringing that thing home with me!

Eventually I relented because Matt said I was being ridiculous, and about 15% of me agreed. I took the picture where Matt posed very smugly, enjoying the fact that I shuddered as I clicked the pic, especially since there was a "Where's my mummy?" kid standing right next to me at the same time. All I needed was a Dalek and a Cyberman and I'd be in Whovian hell.

One amazing thing that happened at Albuquerque Comic Con, is that I was able to meet and even speak to celebrities without having a mental breakdown, giggling like an idiot, or screaming at them and running away. I even got a second chance to meet Adam Baldwin (aka the tallest man in the world) who was just as sweet as he was the first time.

For those who don't know (but should know better) Commander William Riker was one of just about 7 billion reasons to watch Star Trek: The Next Generation, and he's up there at the top of the list alongside Patrick Steward and Wil Wheaton. Even years later, Jonathan Frakes embodies good old Riker. We sat in on his panel (in the room sponsored by our awesome friends, ), where he entered by shouting, "Shields up!" Answered any question from, "What's your favorite food?" to "Who would you like to play you if TNG ever rebooted?" (Answer: Wil Wheaton). He even paused mid panel to stand up and change chairs a few times, and each chair he sat down in, he pulled a Riker . Matt and I completely freaked out and cheered. The man sat down in a chair. A fucking chair. And he got a massive applause. This is why being a geek is a special experience. 

I have to preface the next two highlights by explaining that even when I was younger, I was born to be a geek. While my fellow ten year old friends were busy developing early crushes on the likes of Jonathan Taylor Thomas, I'd graduated to a different species of man crush. I'd go home every day from school, plop in front of the television and watch Power Rangers, and the first appearance of Tommy, the Green Ranger, changed absolutely everything. I was ten years old and I knew that I loved him. And today, I lived the dream of ten year old Jia (and every other little geeky girl in the early 90's). I'd write a letter to my ten year old self and tell her, "One day you'll get to stand next to Jason David Frank, and he'll even put his arm around you to pose for a picture," but ten year old Jia's head would explode and she would die - and I'd end up Marty McFlying myself out of existence. 

Now I mentioned on Facebook that I wasn't going to be able to meet Corey Feldman because he was only in town on Friday and we didn't go then. I was fine with my decision to stay home, knowing that I'd probably end up making an ass out of myself anyway. And if there was one celebrity I didn't want to make an ass out of myself in front of, it was Corey Feldman who was literally the first boy I ever saw and felt that crushing pain that only comes from young celebrity/fan love. I mean he was a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle for crying out loud! I adored Corey Feldman so much that when I fell in love with Matt, I'd convinced myself that they had similar features (yes, this is a true story and my sister can totally confirm it). Obviously they look nothing alike (and I'm glad, because I now much prefer my handsome hubby) but still - meeting Corey Feldman? Probably a bad idea.

That was until I heard someone in line mention that he'd changed his schedule and had in fact stayed an extra day and was doing photo ops. I looked up at Matt in a panic and said, "If I don't do it, I'll regret it the rest of my life." 

We had a chance to say hello before the photo op, where two of my friends who'd met him the night before insisted that they could walk right up and say hi, give him a hug and talk like old friends (which they actually did, freaking out both myself and Corey's body guard). I however played it safe and waited in line like a normal freaked out fan. And without screaming at him, running away, or giggling like a nutjob, I shook his hand and we talked Turtles.

All in all it was such a great experience and one I'll never forget. And at the last day of the Con tomorrow, who knows what'll happen!

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