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Addiction and Your Genes

Posted Jan 07 2009 6:51pm

I remember trying my first (and only) cigarette when I was twelve years old.

I lit it up, took a puff and decided that it was truly a hideous thing.

I hated it. The taste. The smell. Nothing about the experience made me feel good. In fact, I felt nauseous. But there are many people who get a "high" right from cigarette one. And it becomes an addiction thereon in.

Research over the last few years has shown us how addiction has a great deal to do with genetic makeup. Read more about how a nicotine receptor gene makes it harder for individuals to kick the smoking habit. This explains why some take to smoking right away, and why others, like me, don't go past the puff of one.

Now, there must be a chocolate receptor gene that I have, but that is for another post, another day.

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