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A Post-Election Experience

Posted Nov 06 2008 5:00pm

I went to an election party on Tuesday night in Manhattan. Everyone there was an Obama supporter so I brought Dr.John along for the experience. "Liberal chicks are easy," he once told me. And since he recently bought me dinner I figured I should give him a chance to embarrass himself during a truly historic moment for the United States and the world.

Shortly after the results became official I left the party on my own because John was chatting up a bohemian woman. "I don't know if life really begins at conception but I'm more than willing to find out with you." I sometimes choke on my own vomit when he speaks.

I took the subway home. There were a lot of people in the streets celebrating (if I remember correctly New York voted something around 72% in favor of Obama) but the subway was basically empty. I was in the rear car along with one woman and two men in the early 20's. The men knew each other and didn't look very happy.

"I can't fucking believe this."

"I know. What the fuck?"

"They elected a Muslim."

I recently read that 1/3rd of Americans thought Obama was Muslim. Ignorance of that magnitude can be a guilty pleasure to watch, but the reality is it's incredibly sad.

"A Nigger Muslim no less."

"It's disgusting," said the second man. "Whoever supports that fucking terrorist should be stabbed."

I should be stabbed?

They started looking around the subway car and caught my eye and the woman's, both of us clearly taken back a bit by their language. I'm not naïve to how people think but it's not often I hear such disdain with strangers present.

The men might have been drunk, or perhaps just racist assholes. Probably both. One thing that was certain was they were both pretty large men who didn't seem to have a problem speaking their minds. Loudly.

"Hey you! Who did you vote for?" he asked the woman who happened to be white.

"I'm not an American," she said. "I'm from Europe."

"Oh. It's too bad you're not a part of this great country," one of them said.

Right. It's great because of dicks like you two.

And then it occurred to me that the men would probably ask me for which candidate I voted. That wouldn't be good. Bigots aren't the most open-minded individuals. Fortunately the subway came to their stop and the two men got off, grumbling about how McCain would have lynched the blacks and all the other terrorists in this country.

A woman at the party had told me that if people can admit to voting against someone for racist reasons then that would be progress in her eyes. "If people will come out and say it, then it's there, in the open, and we can address it more directly." I suppose the two men fit into this concept but I wasn't about to 'address it more directly' with them. I can't risk have my brains beaten in. My clients wouldn't appreciate that.

The news reported on Tuesday night that 61% of Obama supporters are white. It's an impressive figure and shows that we've come a long way over the years. During his victory speech Obama said, "...we are not enemies, but friends." But after my brief encounter with the Hitler-esque youth, I think we still have a lot of work to do on that score.

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