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A Non-Unhappy Post

Posted Nov 04 2009 10:07pm
I've noticed that almost all of my posts are negative and for good reason; I post when I'm annoyed at life. I suppose I can try posting when I don't feel like bathing with a toaster one in a while.

I literally haven't thought this out at all. To be perfectly frank, I am typing whatever comes to my head. Although, I feel as though I should adhere to the OCD parts of my life to keep it relevant. I don't think any of you want to hear about my recent accident with correctional fluid (don't sniff) or the other office supplies that I steal. So instead of that, here's me...the person i'd like to be ALL of the time.

Notice the alterations of facial muscles creating an upside down frown, commonly known as a smile. It takes over 30 muscles to do that...I think my face muscles are out of shape. It's rare that I can get on the fun side of the bi-polar-ness but when I do I'm generally happy. About an hour ago I made one of my "NO OCD FOR A DAY"'s what it sounds like; I observe the current time and for a span of 24 hours I consciously try to not succumb to any obsessive or compulsive behaviors. The obsessive part is hard because it's the equivalent of trying to not think of a giraffe. Everyone reading this just pictured a giraffe...except the giraffe I am speaking of is wearing jeans and a top-hat.

OCD sucks in so many ways but is there any practicality for it? Does it influence my life positively in any way? Well, it must. For me, OCD is like being punched in the face, lit on fire, stabbed multiple times, and then thrown into a a pool filled with razors. But when I get out of that pool, I find an abandoned scratch ticket worth 2 dollars. Sure I may have suffered severe lacerations, broken bones, 3rd degree burns and neurological injuries...but at least I can buy some gum at the local convenience store.

I suppose sometimes I just feel like the frog.
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