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A Hodgepodge Blog Post

Posted May 02 2013 9:13pm
I had great plans for this week. I was going to start May by gutting out the bedrooms and cleaning out closets and organizing shit and then we were going throw a Star Wars party this Saturday for May the Fourth be With You.

And then Matt got sick.

And then I got sick.

And we've just been sick.

Seriously the only time I've left the house is to run to the grocery store to get more medicine because all the other stuff I've been taking doesn't work. I even asked people on Facebook and Twitter what I should try, and after several combos I'm still sick but at least it seems to be calming down a small bit.

In addition to being sick, I'm also back on another round of fertility treatments because last month didn't work, so I've got those lovely things to deal with.

And I'd like to complain more.

Except the one person I complain to the most is my sister, and she's stuck at home dealing with pneumonia for the second week in a row after somehow bruising all her innards or something.

So we take turns complaining, but she always wins.


Conversation I had with Matt this afternoon...

Matt: Did I ever tell you that when we were dating, I would purposely play with our friends little brothers in front of you to show you that I would be a good dad?
Me: Wait? I remember you used to play with them. You did that on purpose?
Matt: Yeah. I'd bring them from across the room to where you could see, and then I'd play with them.
Me: I actually remember that. I remember actually having a conversation with one of my friends going all, "Aww, look how cute Matt is with those kids! He's gonna be such a good dad!" 
Matt: See? It worked.
Me: Is there any part of our relationship that's not based on lies?
And to round out this hodgepodge (see: half-assed) blog post, here's a pic I found on Matt's phone that he took several months ago.    Because our dogs are devious little monsters, we've got dog gates up everywhere. And since I'm one of those people who refuses to make two trips for anything, including dinner, I've become a level 24 Waitress in my own home. However, when dog gates block my path, Matt chooses to take pictures of me instead of assisting.
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