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90 Day Weight Loss Challenge Final Results!

Posted Dec 07 2012 2:27am
When I started the HCG diet to begin with, I was 246 pounds and I lost fourteen pounds! However, after stopping suddenly (cause I lack the ability to finish projects and diets) I quickly gained back about eight pounds. During the second round of the diet, I got my weight down to 228 at the lowest during the diet. It's also the lowest weight I've been at in over ten years.

When I stopped the HCG diet short during round two and began taking the hCH Energy supplements from Creative Bioscience, I quickly noticed that while I did gain back some of the weight, it came back a lot slower and in smaller numbers. Soon I was resting at 230 weeks after I'd stopped the diet. Some days I would wake up and even be back down a pound or two.

When my doctor prescribed me medication for my illness that is known to cause weight gain, I thought I was doomed. But the weight never added on. In fact, the only time I saw any weight gain, was the days when I forgot to take the supplements (and there were many in a row unfortunately).

I could tell the days when I'd missed my supplements because I felt my illness much more than when I wasn't taking them. And my weight only rose up a few pounds during the time when I forgot to take them.

Not only that, but I remembered to take the hCG Energy supplements during the holidays, and I did not gain a single pound. Did you hear me? Not one pound! And this is after a bacon and butter stuffed turkey and five different pies!

Because I didn't change my eating or exercise habits, I can't tell you how well the supplements work for losing weight. BUT I can tell you that I honestly believe they helped me keep the weight I'd already lost off, and prevent holiday and medicinal poundage from adding more layers to my thighs.

So it's been 90 Days since the beginning of this weight loss challenge. And I didn't lose weight. But I also didn't fail, and I fully support these supplements (and will continue to use them!), because as far as I'm concerned - THEY WORKED! I gained energy the likes of which I hadn't had in years, and there was no crash later on like I've previously had with energy drinks. I also saw no side effects. The pills didn't taste terrible, no stomach problems, or sleep issues (as long as I took them in the morning LOL).

Next time though, I'll try it with changing my diet and walking more because I'm certain that I'll shed the pounds easy with these new tools.


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