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30 Before 30 List

Posted Aug 16 2012 12:33am
1 year and 278 days.

That's how long I have until I hit the big 3-0.

While the idea of turning 30 doesn't really scare me, I do happen to punch my husband anytime he tells me that I'm closer to 30 than 20, or he accidentally tells people that I already am 30 - especially considering he's four months and one day older than I am and thus will turn 30 before me.

I used to look at the 30 Before 30 lists and think, "Oh big whoop, it's not like you haven't accomplished anything in life!" And now as I begin to count down the days, I have been wondering - what have I done with my 20's? Certainly I've accomplished a lot, and I will not get down on myself, but there are things I do want to accomplish before I enter into my fourth decade of life. Things on my bucket list that I want to be time specific. Goal oriented.

And as always ... a little untypical.

  1. Get to a healthy weight.
  2. Learn another language (does not have to be fluently).
  3. Take classes at local parks and recreation centers.
  4. See a Broadway Performance
  5. Participate and complete NaNoWriMo (Nov 2012/13)
  6. See the River of Lights .
  7. Go up the Sandia Aerial Tramway .
  8. Learn to play at least one song on the piano.
  9. Celebrate my 10 Year Wedding Anniversary - in style! (Feb 2014)
  10. Learn how to shoot photographs in manual mode .
  11. Read the scriptures cover to cover
    • The Bible
    • The Book of Mormon
    • Doctrine and Covenants
    • Pearl of Great Price
  12. See a live Rocky Horror performance.
  13. Attend Albuquerque Comic Expo (again, this time in full cosplay).
  14. Attend a Blog Conference (at least one)
  15. Go hunting (or at the very least, to a shooting range).
  16. Prepare and complete a traditional Japanese tea ceremony. 
  17. Create a well organized Family Tree.
  18. Watch AFI 100 Top Movies.
  19. Watch every episode (and movie) of Doctor Who.
  20. Participate in a full loaded car version of Bohemian Rhapsody ala Wayne's World.
  21. Spend the night at an Aquarium .  
  22. Get my Drivers License (again).
  23. Learn Basic Car Maintenance.
  24. Make at least ten things from my Must Make Later Pinterest board.
  25. Cook every recipe in Pioneer Woman 's Cookbooks
  26. Own all the Sugarpill Cosmetics eyeshadow.
  27. Get my Konami Code tattoo.
  28. Learn to play video games (without getting dizzy).
  29. Learn how to professionally apply makeup (maybe even look at cosmetology school).
  30. Participate in Marathons (I don't have to do them all every year)

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