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2009 Mental Health Humor’s Chato Stewart Review the Year’s Cartoons.

Posted Dec 31 2009 8:33pm

Chato B Stewart of Mental health Humor As 2009 ends with this beautiful Blue Moon, I say welcome to 2010… I still can’t…can you? believe it - 2010!  What a year!  This has been what I like to call my re-group year.  Sooo many hurdles and obstacles in my way! At times, I felt I was going to give up…  Well, I did a few times, but you know what, we all feel that way from time to time.  The point is  - I never gave up hope!  Even when I wanted to, my wife stepped in an carried me along.  I’m fortunate to have her and when I’m balanced, I tell myself that over and over again… Oh, and I tell her to…  I LOVE YOU BABY!

This year I wanted to teach myself how to draw caricatures.  Let me show you the caricatures in chronological order so you can see my progress.

I started with Michael J. Fox in full color pastels.

michael j fox

Then after a few peers told me they liked it,  I thought why not draw them. I feel bad for them but since they told me to do my best, even if it looks bad, they don’t care.

mental health humormental health humor cartoonmental health humorMental Health Humor Cartoons

They came out better then I thought and they did like the caricatures.  So, I kept going. My color work with pastels was weak -  so, I did some black and white drawings.

mental health humormental health humor,2009,cartoons,jokes,bipolar,caricature,depressionmental health humor,2009,cartoons,jokes,bipolar,caricature,depressionmental health humor,2009,cartoons,jokes,bipolar,caricature,depressionmental health humor,2009,cartoons,jokes,bipolar,caricature,depressionmental health humor,2009,cartoons,jokes,bipolar,caricature,depression

Once I was happy with them, I started to play with the digital coloring.   I held my Words Of The Wisdomless Contest and gave away caricatures to the winners from my FaceBook friends.

mental health humorchato b stewart, Comment Caricature Contest, mental health humor, Words of the Wisdomlessmental health humor, words of the wisdomless, winnermental health humor,words of the wisdomless

I loved the way they came out.  I did some research on adding depth to the work.  One cartoonist told me one very simple but effective suggestion.  (Add shadow and keep some white.)  With my next three toons, I made application and it made such a huge difference.  Check it out! What do you think?

mental health humormental health humormental health humor

On my next four, I started out doing them all in pencil.  I was happy with them but with out black ink the images got lost.  I went back and inked them and scanned them and they are by far my best work to date.

free Mental health humormental health humor window cleaning cartoonfree Mental health humor

This is my Favorite and I think it looks just like him!

free Mental health humor

My focus this year was also my networking on Facebook.  If you have an account there, make sure you friend me and join my Fan Page… LOL.  I mean join the fan page, I am going to make.

Actually, caricatures were not the only thing I’ve been working on this year.  I also started writing my own “silly” mental health quotes I call my “Words Of The Wisdomless.”

Here is an example -  today’s quote:

Words Of The Wisdomless: -

“If I could sum up 2009 in one word, I’m sure it would be a 4 letter one… hope!”

- by Chato B.  Stewart

This year our blog and Cartoon-A-Thon  site has reached over 200,000 unique visitors! With 30,000 peers visiting the cartoon-a-thon page for Mental Health Month.  It’s because of you, my peers, I continue to draw the cartoons.  You have told me time and time again about the small joy they bring you.  To me, that alone makes it a success. Thank You Peers!

I also had the privilege of WINNING the 2009 Facing Us Video Contest.  The cartoons were used in the video to tell my story.   I posted part of it here a while back, but the video that won the contest is a bit different.  Once they post the video on their site, I will embed it here for every one.

Yes, Yes, I did draw some Mental Health Humor cartoons, too.  It was nice not to have the deadline to come up with a cartoon every day.  I think it made for better content… I.E. the cartoons did not suck.  As I leave you this year of Two Thousand Nine, I want to reinforce the need to… “live life like a cartoon and always bring an eraser!”


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Mental Health Humor cartoon New Years

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