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10 Blogs on Depression

Posted Jun 11 2012 12:53pm 1 Comment

Someone recently asked me if there were seriously really any blogs worth reading. Pause. Pause longer. It depends. Funny thing to say on a blog, but maybe not. Thing is, the vast majority of blogs are inherently frivolous. They tend to be self-promotional projects. Or driven by a very specific interest. But if you happen to have a specific interest a blog might be worth dipping into. That’s how I’ve found most blogs. I dip into them. I often don’t return. But occasionally someone writes well, and grabs you. You come back for more. You are compelled. You find yourself reading about topics  you didn’t even think you were interested in. Now that’s a successful blog. So, while there are an awful lot of frivolous blogs, I have to answer “yes” to the general question of whether there are any blogs worth reading. Or maybe this is really about the question of whether frivolous things have any value.

But I digress. I think blogs on the topic of depression can be very valuable. Depression is inherently isolating. Anything that can contribute to reducing that sense isolation is valuable.

So thought I’d take at and update my resources on depression. So I headed over to PsychCentral, which is a pretty good starting point when you’re looking for something psychology-related on the internet, to see what they’ve been up to. Here’s a link to their Depression page.

They haven’t updated their best depression blogs category since 2010 so I thought I’d check out the links and see what’s going on there. This is what I came up with:

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