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Would Dong Quai help with heavy period & is the tea good to do?

Posted by sharlenemom

I have high blood pressure but take meds for this & was wondering if the Dong Quai would be good to take for a heavy period?

Thank you


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Dong Quai has been used for PMS and menstrual pain for years, although there is little to no data about it. I've not heard about it being used for "heavy period" per se.

Before taking like Dong Quai or any herbal supplement, it is good to check out potential interactions with medication you are taking. If you are taking a beta blocker or calcium channel blocker for your high blood pressure, it can increase the effect of the drug. It also has been used in China for high blood pressure, so it may indeed increase the action of any antihypertensive you are taking.

Talk with your trusted health care practitioner about this before trying it. A heavy period by itself is inconvenient, but not necessarily a problem if you are not anemic.

Keep us posted.

Lynette Sheppard RN

author " The Big M"

Menopause Goddess Blog

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