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Women’s Health Over 40: How to Achieve Your Best Health Ever!

Posted by Anita Patient Expert

For some women, turning 40 is the beginning of an adventure, a time to celebrate achievements and to enjoy the fruits of their labor. For others, turning 40 signifies the end of youth and the beginning of middle age, a time to reminisce about days gone by when they looked and felt much better. Still for others, turning 40 is just ‘no big deal’ and the status quo prevails. Do you recognize yourself as one of these ‘women over 40’? Then, this article is right for you.

Achieving and maintaining an ‘optimal state’ as a woman over 40 requires a firm an unequivocal dedication to living a healthy, fit and fulfilling life. And, it all begins with ‘an intention’ - to make every day your best day ever, no matter where you find yourself right now. Following that, you have to sit down and write a description of your ideal life, one that includes your ideal body, your ideal health, your ideal fitness level and your ideal mental state.

Once you have a clear description of your ideal ‘self’, write down at least 3 goals you want to achieve this next year that will bring you to the realization of your ideal. Every day, read your description and your goals and act on them, even if it means going for a 15 minute walk after dinner. Ask yourself whether the actions you are taking daily are moving you closer or further from your health, fitness and wellness goals. If yes, then press on. If no, then take a deep breath and shore up your energies to recommit to your ideal life and your ideal self.

Why bother doing this ritual every day? Why not just go with the flow and try your best to lose weight, get healthy, get fit, or whatever? Well, because it is ‘proven’ to work. The most successful people at just about everything are people who know where their headed and have a clear path to get there. They have a one-pointed intention to realize their goals and achieve their ideal lives. Why shouldn’t you be one of those people living the life of your dreams?

To help you achieve and maintain your ideal self, there are many resources

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By Sandy Huard

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About Sandy

Sandy is a business entrepreneur and President and Founder of Women’s Health Supply International (, an online retail store that sells over 6,400 products from the health and fitness industry to women and their families. She left her 10-year corporate marketing career in 2007 to found her own company because of her passion for health, fitness and wellness and her desire to share that passion with others. A mother of two young boys and a member of the demographic herself, her company’s primary focus is to serve the needs of women over 40 and their families. She is author of the Women’s Health, Fitness and Wellness blog found at
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