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why is it my hot flashes start at my feet and travel up to my groin, under my arms then into my head?

Posted by beverleyanne

 I had a hysterectomy moving my ovaries and womb.  Since then I have hot flashes that last all day for days into weeks with -out relief.  Its very hot under my arms and I get rash from the heat in my groin area.  I do not sweat at all but I do feel  likeI have a very high fever.  When you touch me I am always hot.  My concern is would this create any negative reaction in my body besides the discomfort later in my life, bearing in mind both my mother and sister died from cancer, my sister breast and my mother ovarian.

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Dear Beverleyanne,

Hot flashes are such an uncomfortable, overwhelming phenomenon.  And yes, it can feel like being feverish.  My concern is that it continues for days to weeks.  Are you on hormone replacement (HRT) of any kind?  Have your hormone levels been checked since your hysterectomy.  Because of your family history, you may have elected not to use hormone replacement, however some herbal remedies may offer some relief.  Remember that some herbs are phytoestrogens and so may be as risky as HRT.  We simply don't have enough study data.

Some in group of menopausal women did experience feeling HOT and feverish all the time during the worst of menopause.  We used fans, layered clothing, and such measures as placing an ice cube on the inside of the wrist to interrupt hot flashes. A bag of frozen peas to the neck was a great help.  Emerita ( makes a cooling lotion that is wonderful - my personal favorite.  No side effects to these modalities whatsoever.

I've never heard of hot flashes themselves causing permanent damage, but I've had some that FELT like they were. 

Let us know how it goes.  Having a hysterectomy is definitely the fast track to menopause and symptoms can be more severe.  However, it does get better over time.

Lynette Sheppard RN, Health Maven

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