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Why am i bleeding brown blood its not like a normal period ?

Posted by loveoflife

I am a 43 year old woman who has always had regular periods , but for the last year my periods have been very irregular. 

In 2011 my periods started off ok then by april i did not see one had all the signs but no bleeding then half way through May i had my period which was ok . So for 4 months i had regular preiods. By october i never seen a period november i came on and never stopped it was brown dark brown with bits in it . I took myself off to the GU clinic where i had a smear test done which came back with abnormal cells. 

It is now 2012 and i have been having normal bleeding every month till june of this year when i had my last normal period july and august i did see a cycle. September has come and i started spotting on monday the 3rd finally came on on wednesday the 5th but its not normal its dark brown almost black ? My usual cycle lasts for 4 to 5 days it is a week later and i am still on my period (friday the 14th sep) Its not heavy its just like my normal vaginal discharge . I get hot flushes but been having these from the age of 30 but not on a regular basis, i thought it was because i was unfit and over weight so exercised to keep fit. I now know it has something to do with me being at early menopausal stage (I have been streilisted at the age of 26)

I do not understand the dark bleeding please help.  

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