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what on earth is happening to me,i feel like i'm dying.i know i'm going through menopause,but this makes me feel like i'm on my

Posted by adrianna1959

i can't eat anything any more without it turning to fat,even if i breath the air it turns to fat,i have never been overweight in my life,and forget thinking i can't seem to whole life just seems worthless and at 51 i just feel like giving up i have palpations/shakeness inside my body,i want my weight under control,i went from 132 to 179 in 10 years,i have  to have my body back!!!!!!!!!!!please tell me where to go to help with all these aliments,I JUST DON'T HAVE ANY ENERGY ANYMORE AND I'M SO DEPRESSED THAT I FEEL LIKE IT WOULD JUST BE BETTER FOR ME TO JUST CRAWL UNDER A ROCK AND NOT COME OUT,will you please help me.please...............Adrianna
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Dear Adrianna,

The weight gain and fatigue are so depressing, I know. What to do? First and foremost, you should have your hormones checked, including thyroid. There is new thinking from more holistic MD's that low thyroid should be diagnosed on the basis of symptoms, not blood tests that are simply not sensitive enough. I was one of the ones with normal blood tests, who had all the symptoms of low thyroid, including weight gain and fatigue.

My holistic MD prescribed thyroid replacement and voila - new woman. In addition, I was put on bioidentical hormones - estradiol and progesterone. (I'm slowly going off my estradiol now.) Because I had energy again, I felt like exercising and was able to slowly lose the extra weight.

And there are myriad herbal creams and remedies that can help, with the guidance of a good health care practitioner.

When we go through Menopause, all of our hormones seem to get depleted - probably because it is all connected Big duh! Still so little recognized or dealt with.

You can find a practitioner near you by checking out the Holistic Medical Assn or Women In Balance. Start there with a health care practitioner who'll take a whole person approach and please let us know how it goes. You don't have to keep suffering like this - there is help.

For more info on Natural Symptom Relief and Low Thyroid Hormone in Menopause visit Menopause Goddess Blog.

All my best,

Lynette Sheppard RN   Health Maven, Menopause Community

Menopause Goddess Blog

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