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what is upper left leg cramp

Posted by manoosh

for the 2nd time a woke up in the middle of the night with upper left leg inside cramp couple minute later i passed out on the floor and i came back and realized i urinated on my self, some thing that never happened to me before even early age.

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Hi Manoosh,

Leg cramps may be a symptom we encounter in menopause, like so many other non-specific weird things.  They can also be a sign of low potassium (eat bananas or drink orange juice and see if that helps or circulatory problems or restless leg syndrome or..............    Your leg cramps MAY be normal or may be due to some other condition. (See more info below.)

What is of greater concern is that you passed out and urinated involuntarily.  This is definitely not ?normal? in menopause and my advice to you is to be checked out by a physician and/or nurse practitioner as soon as possible to rule out other conditions.  He or she can elicit a more thorough, complete history to ascertain what might be the cause. 

As for leg cramps, according to Mayo Clinic MD?s,  they can be caused by:
    ?    Muscle overexertion
    ?    Prolonged sitting
    ?    Dehydration
    ?    Pregnancy
    ?    Diabetes
    ?    Decreased potassium levels
    ?    Neuromuscular disorders, such as Parkinson's disease
    ?    Certain medications, such as albuterol, niacin, diuretics, and some calcium channel blockers and antipsychotic medications
    ?    Alcohol use

If you do get a leg cramp, you may be able to make it go away by:
    ?    Walking on the affected leg
    ?    Massaging the affected muscle
    ?    Straightening your leg and flexing your foot toward your knee until you feel the calf muscles stretch
    ?    Applying a cold pack to the affected muscle
    ?    Taking a hot bath
To help prevent night leg cramps:
    ?    Drink plenty of fluids during the day.
    ?    Stretch your leg muscles before bedtime.
    ?    Get adequate potassium in your diet.

If you have frequent and severe leg cramps at night, talk to your doctor.
(Info excerpted from )

Good luck - please let us know what you find out.
All my best,
Lynette Sheppard RN

i also have experienced those awful upper leg cramps. i dont know what they are or where they come from but they are unbearable. i have had about 6 in the last 3 or4 years. they are 100 times worse than a charley horse in your calf ( even though those are horrible too ) you cant get these out . you cant stand up straight you cant lie down . you cant massage them either. my husband tried that the first time i got one and i thought i was gonna die . i screamed - no - dont touch it you make it worse. the agony is indescribable. its sheer just kinda have to sit and try and adjust yourself to some halfway decent comfort but it doesnt always work. if you try and stand it feels like its ripping your leg into so the only way to walk is bent over so as not to pull on the muscle. whereas a charley horse comes out with stretching or massaging. the upper leg cramp lasts approximately 2 minutes sometimes.i just sit on my bed and move my leg slowly and carefully until i get it at a spot i can bear then wait for it to take its course. i have never been able to figure out anything else.

i have too.  i've had it happen 3 times in maybe the last 6 months.  twice on the left only, and once on both thighs at once!  you have described the pain and intensity perfectly.  there is absolutely nothing to do but wait it out.  at least as far as i can tell. 

did you ask your doctor what it is?  my doctor is clueless, never heard of this problem before.  i also have another issue with my left thigh - it is considerably thicker and fatter (? - i assume) than the right.  and the fat is denser somehow, firmer.  and i guess i would say maybe a little achey.  very weird.  i had an ultrasound done, but no real results.  an mri is next. 

 anyhow, thanks for your post, and if you find out anything about what this pain is please let me know.

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