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What Is The Cause Of Female Hair Loss?

Posted Jul 12 2012 3:42pm

Are you unhappy with your how your hair looks?  Have you lost or are you still losing hair while going through perimenopause or menopause?

I am sure you are wondering what can be the cause of female hair loss .


Top 6 reasons for hair loss (abnormal hair loss) 

  • Genetics – age related, family predisposition
  • Trauma and stress - a lack of oxygen by constricting the blood vessels, lack of nutrients reaching the hair follicle
  • Medications- chemotherapy, acne medications, steroids, birth control, some blood pressure, diabetic and heart disease medications can cause temporary or permanent hair loss
  • Nutrition and diet – eating high amounts of animal fat (in fast foods) and fast weight loss reduces the amino acids and vitamin assimilation; poor nutrition – eating unhealthy processed foods
  • Health – if your thyroid is not working efficiently, it can cause hair loss, also the side effects of medications that treat the thyroid condition
  • Your environment - estrogen mimickers, pollutants, heavy metals, chlorine, water pollution
what is the cause of female hair loss 400x300 What Is The Cause Of Female Hair Loss?

Other common causes of hair loss

  • Hormone level changes – going through the natural hormonal changes such as pregnancy and menopause
  • Poor circulation – this deprives the hair to receive nourishment from proper nutrition
  • Improper scalp treatment – by using hair accessories that pull and twist too tight, it has an effect – temporary or even permanent hair loss. Also hair extensions that are NOT done properly can cause hair loss.
  • Hair products can cause a build-up of polymers and resins on the scalp, commercial store bought hair products – ask your hairdresser, they usually use a higher quality of products in a salon or check in a health food store.

 Did you know some hair loss everyday is normal?  Sources say from 100 – 150 is normal.  However, hair loss is on the rise from 20 years ago.

So, what do you do if you know there is a problem?

  •  Consult a professional. Your hair loss could be the symptoms of something serious that can be uncovered if treated early enough.
  • Choices today are so much better.  There is weaving or adding hair pieces.  The newest and most updated cutting and styling techniques can bring some great results for thinning hair.  Also the newest hair transplant techniques look more natural than ever before.
  • Using unconventional products with unconventional ingredients – the nourishment needed are products that contain high quality nutrients, vitamins, proteins and amino acids.
  • Avoid products that have alcohol, plastic resins, polymers and sticky proteins.


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