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What exactly are crucial bioidentical hormones side-effects in individuals

Posted Jul 22 2012 1:38pm

What exactly are crucial bioidentical hormones side-effects in individuals

Article by Kris Leonard

The symptoms of menopause is a thing which sooner or later happens to all women, once they cease menstruating and their ovaries cease releasing eggs and generating bodily hormones. Adverse effects of the change of life can include vasomotor problems (for example night sweats and hot flashes), insomnia, decreased sex drive, depression, increased chance of heart disease, stroke and osteoporosis, and many, many more.Not all women respond badly once they have menopause, but a lot of them do. In the past, their signs and symptoms were often dealt with by means of Hormone Replacement Therapy, which included administering them artificial bodily hormones. These treatments were found to have critical side-effects, such as increased risks of cancer of the breast, heart disease and stroke, and after those studies their usage has reduced considerably.In this article, I am going to evaluate bioidentical hormones side effects, these kinds of hormones are a recently available alternative to conventional hormone substitution treatment.Bioidentical hormones are often synthesized using plants, and enhanced to make them mimic, or even become entirely identical to the hormones within our bodies. Bioidentical hormone formulations are usually compounded by pharmacists, depending on the quantity recommended by a physician.There is a conflict of interest here with the drug corporations, because they are not able to patent hormones which are molecularly the same as actual chemicals within the body. So everything that you learn about bioidentical bodily hormones must be looked at with a skeptic eye, because of the pharmaceutical corporations massive impact on the health and fitness sector.These are mainly used by females, to relieve the symptoms of menopause. One scientific study examined the use of bioidentical progesterone cream to placebo, and discovered that women using the cream experienced an enormous decrease in symptoms such as hot flashes as well as sweating). This lotion didnt work on bone mineral density though.Bioidentical human hormones are usually prescribed to provide a healthier replacement for regular hormone substitution treatment, which has been proven to have serious side effects. Lots of people have voiced criticism about this type of therapy since it hasn

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