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what can you take over the counter to help low estrogen levels?

Posted by Khastings

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Dear Khastings,

There are many supplements that you can take that can help with low estrogen: soy is one of the most popular, but it also has risks such as interference with thyroid function in higher doses and that many women are allergic or sensitive to soy. For more info on soy, click here. Estroven is a popular soy supplement and can be found at most drug stores.

Black cohosh is another supplement useful for low estrogen - Remifemin is a popular brand. Emerita makes a Menopause herbal formula that is soy free that works for many women. Other remedies include primrose oil, maca root from Peru, cod liver oil (I kid you not! )

One important note: It is important not to take even herbal estrogen without supplementary progesterone as well - ( unless you've had a hysterectomy) due to increased risk of certain reproductive cancers.

Over the counter progesterone creams that are USP (United States Pharmacopeia) - in other words the good stuff are available. Two brands are Pro-Gest by Emerita and Natural Woman at Products of Nature.

You also might consider seeing a holistic or complementary medicine MD, who could check your hormone status if you have not had it checked and determine best herbal or bioidentical hormone supplementation for you. Otherwise, you may opt to try over the counter remedies. Many of us have done so, but I have to warn you that honestly, it can be trial and error at first. Be patient, give each therapy a chance to actually work (2 weeks at least) before trying another.

Good luck and please let us know how you are doing.

Lynette Sheppard RN  Health Maven

Menopause Goddess Blog

I recently visited my son who is taking the supplement.  I was complaining to him about the "hot flashes" I have and how intense they get.  He knew there was Xenesis EP for Women and had me start taking it.  Within only a few days, my "hot flashes" were far less intense and I could finally sleep well during the night.  Because of the success I had with it, my husband started taking it, his energy has increased and he simply says, "I just feel good."
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