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what are normal fsh & lh levels??

Posted by dot

what levels show you may be in perimenopause?  what levels may show you are in menopause??
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Hi Dot,

There's not an absolute answer to this question, since FSH and LH vary greatly during your cycle and day to day. In other words, normal levels are different depending on where you are in your cycle. For this reason,  a single blood test (or an over the counter urine test) is unlikely to give you reliable information about your hormone status.)

Saliva testing especially over several days can be useful in determining hormone activity.  But remember that tests alone are not terribly useful without taking into account clinical and physical exam or symptoms.

In other words, are there symptoms of menopause or perimenopause?  Hot flashes, irregular or skipped cycles, etc, brain fog, emotional changes, insomnia, night sweats, etc.?

It's best to use all the data available with your trusted health care practitioner to determine if you are in perimenopause or menopause.

Hope this helps.  Let me know how it goes.

Lynette Sheppard RN

Menopause Goddess Blog

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